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(Archived) Evernote keeps forgetting credentials, user settings


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Hi all,

I'm running version 2.6.1 of the EN Android app on a Samsung Galaxy S (Froyo). The app itself works, but whenever I leave the app and return, like, an hour later, I have to re-enter my credentials. Not only that, but the settings seem to be reverted to defaults as well (sync interval, GPS usage etc.). Never experienced anything like this with another app, and I'm running an official Android build, not rooted or anything. Tried reinstalling the app but that didn't help either. Any suggestions?

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Yes, internal memory since I want to use the widget as well. What I found out is that I can reproduce the same behaviour by force-closing the app from the manage applications screen. So everytime I force-close EN or wait some time, EN will ask for my credentials and forget user settings upon restarting. There is no initial sync required however, the correct amount of notes etc. is shown immediately after login.

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Yes I'm sure. Force-closing was just my way of quickly reproducing the same behaviour that otherwise also happened after not using the app for an hour or two. In the meantime I have also contacted support and attached logs that contained some suspicious (well, at least for me) lines:

W/ApplicationContext(14157): Attempt to read preferences file /dbdata/databases/com.evernote/shared_prefs/com.evernote_preferences.xml without permission

E/ApplicationContext(14157): Couldn't rename file /dbdata/databases/com.evernote/shared_prefs/com.evernote_preferences.xml to backup file /dbdata/databases/com.evernote/shared_prefs/com.evernote_preferences.xml.bak

They recommended re-installing the application and also trying the 3.0 alpha, but that didn't help.

What *did* help in the end was completely wiping my phone. Now EN works as expected. Still don't know what caused this in the first place though.

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