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(Archived) User Survey for Research Project

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I just want to clarify that this is a survey by a user for a research project, and they asked permission to post before doing so.

This is not a survey run by Evernote. Do not feel obligated to click this link or answer the questions, but we've run through it and they're not asking any identifying questions, so, if you would like to help out someone, feel free.

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Interesting survey, but the wording of some questions could be tightened up.

For instance - the following question is a superlative question asking for the best answer, but surprisingly multiple answers could be selected.

  • Which is the best place to resolve Evernote issues?

Also, the survey can be taken more than once. Hopefully duplicate results will be culled.

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We are looking for at least 30 responses, to validate the results, unfortunately, could get only 18 results till now. I request to propagate the survey among your friends whom you know you are using. Therefore, we can analyze it earliest. Please help

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Hi All,

Thanks for all those who answered the questionnaire. However, I still got very less responses. This is purely an academic project. Questionnaire has 3 pages with not more than 10 multiple choice questions. I am not asking any personal data or related. Please help me by answering this.




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