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(Archived) Hiding document pane on Mac version

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First, its not clear to me where this post belongs. I'm using Evernote 1.1 beta on the Mac, but I did not see a forum for it. Not how that relates to Evernote 3.

Anyhow, I'm wondering if there is a way of hiding the document pane, as is seen in an older version of Evernote in the intro video. There simply isnt room for a proper document pane in this application, particularly in icon view, so I would prefer not to have it at all.



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At present there is no dedicated UI mechanism for hiding the note editor pane.

One thing you can do now in "mixed view" or "thumbnail view" is drag the vertical splitter all the way to the right, effectively hiding the editor pane. Although, if you make the window wider the editor pane will become visible again.


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