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(Archived) Search not updating/syncing properly


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Hi all,

I've just started using EverNote recently and it's been quite useful but there's one little bug that's been bothering me. So far, I have 16 notes, all of them images or PDFs with clear text. 8 were taken by the phone's camera and 8 were images from a scanner. On the PC client, all the notes/images synced properly and it took some time but now they're all searchable from the EN's OCR capabilities. They all work fine on the PC client, I can search for any of the words or numbers on the notes/images and it will show the proper results, but on the Android app, the search doesn't find any notes for all the keywords I've tried (that all worked on the PC client), and only one of the 16 notes will show up as a result and only when I search for a few specific letters in a word on that document. The one document that does show up when I search has the same keywords and actually is an identical document to another note that I have, but the other note doesn't show up when I search.

For example, I have a Los Angeles parking ticket and the envelope that the ticket came inside. I took one picture each of the ticket and envelope from the phone, and one scan each of the ticket and envelope from the scanner at home. So there's 2 copies of each image, one from each capture device. The only note that will be a result when I search from the Android app is the picture of the envelope that I took with the phone. It simply reads "City of Los Angeles" and gives an address, and the only way I can get that search result is to search for the word "Angeles." Now in the PC client, every word on the ticket along with the numbers and name on the envelope are searchable and will give me the proper results, but it seems that these search results are not syncing with the phone. I would like to be able to search for my notes/images/documents through the Android app without having to go into All Notes and selecting the correct note from the small thumbnail image. I know this is possible because that one single search result is working (albeit to a limited extent), but I wanted to know if anybody has any ideas how I can get the rest of the OCR search results from the PC client to be synced or made available to use on the Android app. Or, is anybody experiencing a similar problem? Any troubleshooting ideas?

Thank you all very much

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We found a bug where the service may not properly index the text from OCR'ed documents in some cases, which means that searching from web or mobile may not work. This will be fixed tomorrow night.

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