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(Archived) Importing a subset of EN2 notes into EN3 with timestamps

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I've been using EN2 at work, and been experimenting with using EN3. I wanted to import a subset of my EN2 notes into EN3, so I selected all the notes in an EN2 category, and dragged them over into EN3.

This did import the notes into EN3 with formatting and even the correct encrypted fields, but it reset the Created timestamp on all notes to the moment the import occurred.

Is there a way I can import a subset of EN2 notes into EN3 while maintaining the original timestamps from EN2?

If I do an export from EN2, then an import into EN3, will this maintain the timestamps? I'd prefer to be able to import subsets of notes at a time.


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You could try importing your EN2 database into a local notebook on your PC, and then delete the notes that you don't want to keep.

I think that the import function for EN2 databases preserves the original Creation dates.

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