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(Archived) Offline Storage Takes Up Hundreds of Megabytes


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Everyone has been clamoring for offline storage for years, but do they realize the implications of this?

I have about 15,000 notes altogether -- And after installing the latest version of EN, it has backed up the notes and thumbnails to my SD Card -- taking up a whopping 514MB !!

And besides being a huge space hog, it seems that the program doesn't run smoothly or quickly -- perhaps from having all this information to manage locally.

I may just have to switch back to an earlier version of the program, because the user experience on this one now is slow and sometimes problematic. (i.e., I click on "All Notes" and nothing happens -- it tries to go somewhere then returns to the home screen).

It's great to have the App handy on the phone (rather than having to use the mobile browser) but I wish we had the option to *NOT* have local storage on the phone. I can access my Desktop if I need a local file. And with 3G or Wifi the phone is pretty much Always online anyways.

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From this thread, it appears the Android app can be installed to an SD card. I don't know if that's true on all Android devices. Did you look into this?

FWIW, I have a lot more notes than you do (over double & the db on my Windows client is over 6 gb) & have all my notes in offline notebooks on my 32 gb iPhone with many other apps, some songs, videos, etc. and still have 17 gb left over. So if you can move EN to an SD card, you should not have a space problem. Also, if you're running short on space, that may be impacting your performance.

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If you do move Evernote to the SD Card, you can't use the desktop "widget" functionality in Android. (This is an Android limitation ... the OS doesn't let you use a Widget with any app that runs from the SD Card.)

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