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(Archived) Collapsible Stacks on mobile?


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I'm very happy that EN for Android has the stacks, but for quicker access to find what I'm looking for, what about the ability to have the option to have all the stacks 'closed', just like on the desktop. This will allow for quicker scanning of the notebooks when using mobile, which is essential on a much smaller screen (than the desktop). Thanks!

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I found where to download the .apk but will this replace my current 'public' version but keep all my notebooks, etc.? What's the risk... I should be able to have everything backed up on my computer, etc. right?

UPDATE: I downloaded the Alpha release (Android v. 3.0 Alpha 3) and that's EXACTLY what I needed for collapsing the stacks. You guys rock! I'll have to learn what the map does...

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