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(Archived) Location and Notebook editing


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firts of all, thanks for this excellent apps. I'm using the android v3.0 alpha2 and discovered the location feature. It's usefull, but often the location is approximative, because, in my case the GPS is not running permanently. So it would be usefull to be able to change the location when editing the note on your computer, directly on the map by moving the location point for exemple.

An other point, i couldn't find the way to create a notebook on the android mobile apps? that would be usefull either.

thanks for all!


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Agreed, on the new notebook creation on mobile. Why isn't this possible? The whole point of having a mobile (Android, specifically) version of Evernote, is being able to use it on the fly. I would like to create a unique Notebook or Stack WHEREVER I am, not whenever I'm at my desk top. LOVE the app, great job.

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