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(Archived) Using Evernote Offline

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I posted this in another thread after doing a search but it was rather old and no response so I am posting it here. I would appreciate any help with this.

I was using Evernote way back before the cloud and the online thing but since then I haven't been able to use it.

I work at two prisons and don't have access to the internet. If I install it on my computer at work or on my drive I am unable to log in.

If someone can help me with this I would be appreciative.

I am unsure if it is possible. It's a shame if it's not because I liked evernote when I was using it. I am a teacher and public speaker so I need something for organization. Up until now I have used pnote portable or cintanotes.

Is there any way to get past the login screen offline on a computer with no network?


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