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(Archived) Features Request: Better Todo Support & DB structure export



Would love to see better Todo support. Creating my own todo lists is great, but it would be cool if there was a way to have checked off items move to the bottom or get removed after a certain period of time. Maybe a multiline text field pops up when you click the check box item from the compose menu. Lets you put the todo info in and choose wether to remove the item after a certain period of time, move it to the bottom once checked or cross it out.

Also I'd love an easy way to backup everything in a single file / folder that maintains the full notebook / folder structure for easy backup and import if necessary. Not just navigate to where it's stored and copy it.

Lion support would be nice too, but I know its still too early. Web works fine for now. Does the web have stacks?

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Evernote has encouraged 3rd party developers to create calendar and to-do programs (once Evernote releases the "Due Date" column).

It's kind of difficult right now to develop anything without a field to represent future dates. My fall-back procedure is to use the "Created Date" for future appointments and meetings, but that is similar to jail-braking an iPhone (making it do something it was not designed to do).

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