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(Archived) Using first line of note as title



Hello MAC forum...

I've been using evernote for windows for some time now and really love the product. I have just switched to a Mac and have a question about the Mac client: on the windows version, when I create a new note, the first line of text entered is used as the note title. In using the Mac version this "feature" does not seem to exist. In doing a forum search all I could find was a discussion (in the windows forum) about whether this behavior was desirable. For me it is, although I could understand why others would not like it.

Bottom line: is there a way to enable this functionality in the Mac version.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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It will also probably prevent you from rolling Evernote out at your 10,000 person company :)

Oh and you're probably a developer too, and it would be soooooooooo easy to change Evernote to work the way you want :)

Happy copy and pasting!

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