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(Archived) Feature Request: Notebook within a Notebook

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I am very happy with the features with current version, and have one request I want to make:

Notebook within a Notebook

I am not sure if I can do this with current version...

But right now, you can have notebook stack as first level, then a notebook second level, then note..

No more deeper than that...

Notebook within notebook would make categorizing and organizing notes more efficient and fun,

and might add another way of searching note....

Is there any official forum or mailing address or anything to submit such a feature request???


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This is the official forum, and Evernote staff read every post, so you can consider your post to be a feature request (by the way, you're not really nesting a notebook inside another notebook; instead you're creating a stack and storing a notebook inside it). Note that it's been requested by others a number of times (search the forum for, say, 'subfolder', 'subnotebook', 'nested folders" or similar terms), and for the foreseeable future you probably won't be seeing nested notebooks or multilevel stacks.

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