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(Archived) How often does the "Known Problem" list get updated

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I was looking at the "Known Problem" list at http://www.evernote.com/about/support/k ... oblems.php to see if my High System CPU utilisation issue was on there

As you might expect from this post I found that it wasn't

What is the frequency or delay between issues being reported on the Forum and when they get added to the published list ?

Do you have a policy of having to validate and reproduce the issues in house before you accept them as a "Known Problem" (as opposed to a reported but Unknown one) ?


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Yes, we do validate and reproduce issues before accepting them as a Known Problem. In your case, we're still working on that. The published list is updated with each release, and occasionally between releases if we find an issue that is critical or affects a large number of users.

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It might be useful to include a link to the Known Problems list in the sticky at the top of this forum (to make it easier for people to check)

Other software forums sometimes have a release notification sticky post so that people can subscribe to it to get updates when a new version is released (and see the link to the release notes), that would possibly be useful in here as well

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