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(Archived) Feature Request: checkboxes as bullets

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I would like to see an option next to ordered and unordered lists that allows for a new type of list: checkbox lists. This would greatly speed up the creation of checklists. Right now if I want to create a checklist, I have to take my hands off the keyboard and click on a checkbox and then type the "to do." If there was a list type that was check boxes, I could select it and then type everything I need without taking my hands off of the keyboard. I would select this list type, then type a "to do" then hit return. A new checkbox is created and the cursor would be ready for the next "to do."

Ideally, this would respond to tab and shift/tab so that I could indent just like I do with bullets and numbered lists.

And of course, support this feature on mobile devices :)

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I am also putting a vote for this. Evernote promotes the app as a checklist creator. Problem is, the checklists are not really integrated into the app because you have to build it up yourself. You can't just create a checklist. And apparently, in mobile apps, not at all. Big fail. It would be great to have this feature, or it should be deleted off the promotional literature.

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Not really sure what your issue is? You can create check boxes wherever you like in the thick client versions. Obviously, check boxes will arrive when they are ready to release a rich text editor for iOS.

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Half a year later, and they still haven't fixed this obvious flaw? Maybe trying to implement tabular indents is taking up all their time?

I spoke to soon. I see they finally put it in beta a couple of days ago. Probably will be in release version in no time. Good job.

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