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(Archived) Time Machine and Overriding the Evernote Database



If I run a restore from Time Machine on a new computer, but have added notes in Evernote on my phone since the last Time Machine backup, what happens? Will Evernote on my desktop (which only has the notes from the date of the Time Machine backup) override Evernote online, causing me to lose the new notes from my phone, or will the desktop version simply update with the notes from Evernote online?

Thanks for any help!

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If you restore your full Time Machine backup (i.e. all of the "Library / Application Support / Evernote" directory in your home directory), and then start Evernote, we'll try to bring that old database up to sync by retrieving more recent data from the server. The client only tells the server to delete a note if the client has seen a copy of that note before, and you've deleted it on that client.

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