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(Archived) Importing Onenote with attachments


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I am about to change from Onenote to Evernote, however, when importing my Onenote 2010 notes into Evernote, it seems the attachments of Onenote do not get imported. It only shows there is an attachment, but the attachment itself is not there.

Does somebody know how to have the attachments imported as well??


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I have been looking for an answer to the same question. Most of my Onenotes have doc/xl/pdf attached to them. So I honestly do not see how to convert to Evernote if the attachments are not imported. Which is what I do want, to convert.

Any news on this?


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The only files that are displayed "inline"/previewed are most image file types and PDFs. All other files will be added to the Evernote database but will show up as icons. You need to use third party apps to display/view/listen to them, since EN does not include the code to edit/manage/display the myriad of file types that exist. IOW, if you add an MP3 file, it will show up as an icon. You can double click that icon & listen to the MP3 file using whatever MP3 player is installed on that computer.

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If our built-in Evernote OneNote importer is not working properly for you, there's a third-party workaround to getting your OneNote files into Evernote. We do not provide any support for this method, so you will need to contact the makers of the individual software products mentioned.

Export your OneNote files to Web format using this plugin: http://onwebber.codeplex.com

This will turn them into .mht files, which is great - they'll contain your images, attachments, etc, and can be opened in a web browser. Evernote is not a Web Browser, so we need to process them a little bit further.

Use this program: http://evernote.para...fe787f73b5d19dc

to convert the .mht files to .html.

Now, take that entire folder of .html files and attachments and let Evernote import them all with Tools->Folder Import.

Via this method, you will lose your original Creation Date/Author, as all notes will be created with your system time/date.

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That MHT to HTML converter always fails on over half of my batch.

Right now my choices are, loading up several tabs of MHTs into my browser and manually clipping them, OR...waiting until Evernote adds the feature to import a format that it's always natively exported to. I just have way too many.

Now..what to do with my 8gb of Firefox's Scrapbook extension HTML -- I fear import may cause a meltdown.

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