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(Archived) Odd Behavior version 3.0 - Two seperate notes


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I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Android client or the windows client. (running version 3.0 build 129604 on Android and 4.2.2 build 127835)

I create a note on android and save the note. I then edit the note (change notebook and tags)then save the changes. If I go to the windows client and sync, I end up with two notes on the windows client (the originally saved note along with the edited version). I still only have one note on my phone. I was able to duplicate this on several notes.

Update: I also end up with the original note and edited note on the web client.

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Same issue here - Running Android build 129604 and Windows (127835)

Any edits made on my Droid say they are sync to server - Droid only shows 1 updated note, but Windows and Web shows multiple iterations of the note (the original and any edits)

So if I have 1 text note and make 4 edits, the Android client will show 1 note, but windows will show 5. I don't edit a ton from the Android client, so this is a minor issue to me (look at the updated date and delete the older notes) but wanted to report the bug.

If I can do anything else, I'd be happy to - Andy

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