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(Archived) 'Bulletin Board View' Request!

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One of my primary uses of Evernote is web clipping inspiration/precedent images. When it comes to reviewing these images, one must scroll through each note or only see the first image of a note when viewing notes in thumbnail mode. What I'd like to be able to do is see all the images within multiple notes at once, much like a bulletin board, inspiration board, or mood board.

I imagine it having a similar appearance - images of varied sizes in a random arrangement. It'd be great if you could select certain notebooks and/or tags to be displayed. It'd also be great if you could refresh the view to see a different mix or arrangement of images and save that arrangement, similar to a saved search.

For the visually-oriented Evernote users out there, I think this would be a great feature.

Many thanks for the great program and constant improvements!



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Hi George. I have just started using Evernote myself and have exactly the same need you do. On my iPad I was using a program called MoodBoard Pro and it was brilliant for doing this. I cannot find another program which does the same thing on Mac. Did you get an suggestions from anyone?



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It will be of great convenience if I can make a bulletin board with some of my notes and screenshots. It will definitely help me a lot with one of my upcoming exams if I had this feature at my disposal. Using Toshiba Bulletin Board for the time being but all my notes are in Evernote and it's such a headache to arrange so much stuff manually that I am considering arranging a real-life bulletin board to stay organized.



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