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(Archived) Feature Request - Dark Widget


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First off, I love like 99.9% of this app. It's awesome that Evernote is showing so much love to the Android community. So many companies cater to the iOS crowd and call it a day.

I realize that aesthetics are a personal thing and maybe I'm crazy, but does anyone else find the widget to be well...ugly? The rest of the app is spot-on, but the widget just seems so out of place. It used to be nice looking too. See here. I love the functionality of the new widget but don't use it because it stands out like a sore thumb. The transition from opaque to transparent just looks weird with the white/green palette. To avoid alienating people who love the current design, maybe you could just offer a darker alternative for the rest of us (similar to the way Mint does it).

Anyway, thanks for listening.

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Thanks for the feedback! I've gotten used to the appearance on my Droid, but we tend to tweak this sort of thing every few months, and this is good feedback.

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I would like to see transparent widget. There are customer modified Evernote apk file to enable this, but I am hesitant to mess with my EN installation. It would be great if the Evernote team provided a version of the Widget app that allows user customization of several versions (e.g. standard, transparent, dark).

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I haven't read this post. So I posted another one almost the same thing.Sorry.

And I'd like to add every color other than green,white, black.

Anyway,I am very glad to have persons who have the same idea. thanks,

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