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(Archived) Evernote for WebOS v. 1.4

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Hello -

Please take a look at our latest beta release of Evernote for WebOS. With this version, we wanted to take advantage of some of the new features in WebOS 2.0 as well as improve the quality of the application.

Improvements include:

  • [*:xq6xymkd]Better performance for large accounts
    [*:xq6xymkd]Not attachments pane in notes
    [*:xq6xymkd]Creation of audio notes (WebOS 2.0 only)

You can download the latest version at:


Please give us your feedback!

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I just installed the update to my Palm Pre (original, not a Plus), and it still is a major system hog. It ran, but was one step short of being frozen. I am running at stock clock speeds. So, I wasn't able to test any features.


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I installed on my overclocked Sprint Pre. Evernote launched normally. I put in my login info and it just sat there with the circle in the upper right corner. Eventually my phone went dark and I had to pull the battery to get it working again.

My account is not too large. 79 notes only a few of which are pictures. The rest are either randomn notes or web pages.

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hey mcparrella,

could you give me some more information about your account? How many notes (tags, notebooks) do you have? Do many of your notes contain images or files?

Sorry about being late, I hadn't checked the forum in a few days.

I currently have 231 notes (211 in 1 notebook, 20 in another). 55 tags. Many of my notes are web clippings, some have scanned magazine pages, some have attached documents (.doc, .pdf, etc).

I just tried it again, and after sitting bogged down for a few minutes, I received the "too many cards" warning.

Is that enough info?


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Hi, I've just downloaded the latest beta on my Palm Pre (original) from Movistar Spain. The new release continues freezing my phone (just as the current version 1.3.8), acting like a memory hog, even when resetting the phone and running alone. I have currently 98 notes in 8 different notebooks.

Have you got any workaround about this?

It seems to be designed for Palm Pre Plus, because this app just don't fit on 256MB

I have installed this app on a Xperia X1 , and a Nokia E51 and it runs smoothly! Why on a Palm Pre is such a painful experience?

If you want any additional information about my phone, account, etc. I will help you swiftly.


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Now it has killed my Pre (-) as well - horrible. The first TMC-Error since some weeks. In fact EN cannot be used on my Pre at all. Very disappointing - when the Pre was launched in Germany I showed the EN-client to the German Palm-people, and for me this function was very important. However, the EN-client definitely has deteriorated since that early Pre-days.

Please release a working Pre-client, for a Pre (-) as well!!

Thx from Munich, EvB.

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

We are working on a solution for this problem and keep you posted.

Still waiting....

I understand the Pre is not a high-volume user group. Who knows what will happen in the next few months, with several WebOS devices being released (both phone and tablet), if WebOS will get a bigger market share. But the loss of functionality for so long is very frustrating. I don't have any plans to upgrade my phone (unless someone out there wants to donate to the cause), so I'm stuck until you guys fix the app. Using the mobile web interface is a non-starter for quick access, unless I'm in a pinch.


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I received a mail from alledgedly you. I do not know whether it is spam or authentic. Yes, I would like to receive a test version. Please by PM, I have preware and can handle ipk-files. Thx. EvB.

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In ver 1.38 info in some my notes would just not display. The Title and Thumbnail were there, but no text - typically happened with notes most recently edited. My notes on the desktop displayed ok.

Deleting and reinstalled evernote on my Palm PRE temporarily fixed this problem.

Found this forum while looking for a solution.

Downloaded the v 1.4 ipk to my Palm PRE using quickinstall via the USB port on my PRE.

All seems to be OK now

Thanks Evernote

Evernote is One of my must have programs, if I decide to migrate to another Mobile OS

The new PRE coming out this Summer better be awesome or I'm migrating to Android OS


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The Update should be in the Catalog by now.

With the IPK-file you need additional programs like Preware, WebOSQuickinstall or similar which can directly handle and install these files.

Greetings from Munich, EvB.

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Just updated to v.1.4.15 via the app catalog on Pre 2 and Pixi Plus devices. The updated version is working well overall, but in both instances tags fail to appear in the list of notes (recent). Tags are correctly listed in the details of each note, but all notes are listed as "Not Tagged" in the recent notes list.

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Hi. I just updated to the latest version in the catalog (1.4.15). I didn't notice any changes, other than a little more info as it's logging in.

1) Is there a changelog available when the application is updated?

2) Is there any way to add/attach an image/file to an existing note, or is creating a new note the only way?

3) Are there any outstanding features to look forward to w/ webOS 2.x and 3.x on the horizon?

I'm new to Evernote, and liking it so far. BTW, I'm on a 1.4.5 device.


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We are continuing adding new features\improvements into the application for all the webOS provided by HP.

As for adding attachment into the existing notes, it is not possible in Palm client; however, it is in our development roadmap. For now, you can merge the 2 notes from window client.

Some new features for 1.4.15 ( I just name a few):

- add notebook filter

- add list view without thumbnails

- add zoom features to view pictures

- add rich text formate types

- new tab to view\download attachment from the note

- add 'create audio notes' for webOS2.0

You are welcome to send us any feedback or issue here.

Ah Fan

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