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Feature request: improve check box functionality

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I use Evernote to make tons of checklists and find them very frustrating to work with. Small improvements to how checkboxes function will make a huge difference:

[ ] They're small. It would be ideal if they scaled to the text height.

[ ] They're hard to check off. Precise cursor placement is required to check off a box. 1 out of 3 times I miss.

[ ] The key command is a stretch. A simple, two-finger shortcut would be much nicer. Or better yet the ability to customize key commands.


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Although I've been an Evernote user for quite a while, I've recently migrated my Springpad data to Evernote as well. Springpad allowed the user to choose whether or not to hide checked items... it was an awesome feature for on the fly shopping, errand running, work flow, etc. When you're through with the list you can unhide the checked items and start again another time, or leave them hidden and work through the list over a longer period. It is a great feature... I'd love to see it in Evernote.

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