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(Archived) What's this beta all about? (Discussion of Sticky)

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Same concerns here. I am using the beta offline and turned off the sync. I have job telephone listings that have personel cell numbers and emergency contact numbers. I would like to add them to the beta, but just a little worried. On another note I know you will add templates in the far future, is there a way to add date tags. I hate to say but the templates made using evernote easy. I can still type dates in, but that is a lot of typing. Just a thought. Thanks

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The clients and the web UI already use SSL to encrypt all authentication information ... so when you log in, your password is never sent in the clear.

so, its safe to use EN from an open (non ecrypted) wifi hotspot, right? i know that i can assume yes from the explanation above, but i don't want to do that on a critical thing like this.

up to this point, i have been turning EN to "work offline" when connected to public wifi because i did not want to expose myself to the possibility of my username and password being packet-sniffed. then i did a bit of browsing in the forum and i ran into this info.

the explanation above from denberg is good. i just want to be really sure that there is no misunderstanding.

on a separate note, searching the forums for "ssl" does not show any results even thought that text is part of this thread. that is why i thought there was no encryption until i happened to run into this thread.

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so, its safe to use EN from an open (non ecrypted) wifi hotspot, right? i know that i can assume yes from the explanation above, but i don't want to do that on a critical thing like this.

Your password is only sent encrypted (over SSL), so no one should be able to get that if they intercept your traffic. This is the case for both sync clients and for the web. For free accounts, the rest of the sync data goes over plaintext HTTP, not SSL. This is the same level of security you see from web-based mail systems like gmail, which do login over SSL, then switch to HTTP for reading & composing email.

In a few weeks, we will launch our Premium offering, which will allow you to enable SSL for all communications. Using SSL for all communications may result in slower browsing, so this will be a configurable option.

Premium accounts will cost a few dollars a month to pay for the greatly increased storage, SSL costs, etc.

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thanks for the quick reply!

your answer makes total sense. like i said in my previous post, i recognize that that is what you had said priorly, i just wanted to be doubly sure.

by the way, i want to give you a bit of praise here.

i have been using EV 3 beta for a couple of weeks now are i really like it. i find myself recommending it to friends all the time. i look forward to some of the new features i hear are on the pipeline.

i am using the windows version and the 'endless tape' paradigm makes a lot of sense to me. i like using than in conjunction with the 'note list' up above to quickly browse and find items. i have not used the mac version yet so i wonder what the GUI trade offs are. (i mention that because i am planning on moving to the mac but i've grown to like the windows app interface)

i am just waiting until you release info on the pricing and i plan to become a paying customer

i also have not used the image recognition capabilities but they do look quite impressive from the demos i have seen. now i which my phone had a better (as in higher resolution) camera.

from reading this board, i know that elsewhere users have expressed dissatisfaction about some 'advanced' features of the previous version not making it into the new beta. i offer here that, from a new user perspective, the way the product is now works really well for me. even though i don't have a very large number of notes yet (under 100), i can see how the combination of notes, tags, separate notebooks and search will allow me to maintain a large amount of information in a way that is still easily accessible. i find myself thinking of ways to organize many things on EN.

i especially like having the option of accessing all my notes from my phone. that is just plain cool. i plan to get an iphone not in small part because of its evernote "interface".

i like what you are doing and you have a new customer here. or, will have one as soon as you release the paid-for options.

keep up the good work

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Thanks for the kind words ...

Regarding a couple of your questions:

The Mac version is similar in high-level functionality, but the UI is designed for the Mac, so a lot of small things are different. Currently, only the Windows client has a "continuous tape" view, and only the Mac has a "thumbnail" view, but we're working to make the experience more consistent.

We promise to announce the pricing and servicing levels soon. It's 90% finalized, we're just making sure that it all works right.


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What will happen to the beta accounts at the end of the beta test?

Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but I did a search, but the strings "beta test" and "end of beta test" showed a LOT of threads and none seemed to be what I am asking about above.

I would also like to know. Someone mentioned that the beta accounts and data would be

preserved, but there is no confirmation of that from EN.

Thank you.

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Beta accounts will be preserved, and all of the notes that are in your notebooks will be available indefinitely, even if you never choose to upgrade from a Free to a Premium account. I.e. no one will lose any data as we move from invitation-only beta to open beta, and then later to full (non-beta) release.

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I just found this forum today, because I just hit my 100mb limit, and can't sync anymore. I want to say that I have never used an evernote product before and I love this beta. I have a mac at home, and a mac with parallels/windows at work, and have both mac and windows clients running pretty much simultaneously. My scanner only works with windows (as do a lot of other apps i use at work), and i can scan directly into evernote on the windows.

My one question is concerning the applicability of using this for a high security application, like medical records. I am a physician and work in an small office with 4 others. A electronic medical record system is our goal (one day), but currently available systems are rigid, proprietary, and expensive. Will evernote ever have enough security for this? (I have already scanned in sample documentation, and now have it available anywhere, which is quite convenient., but also probably not very secure. )

Anyway, can't wait to get more storage soon.:)

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We are working hard to make Evernote a secure consumer application for your personal data, but we don't currently plan to pursue formal certification for various professional requirements. For example, in the US, medical information systems would typically require compliance with federal HIPAA mandates. It would take us a lot of effort to go through HIPAA certification, and this isn't in any of our immediate plans. (Our CIO has at least 10 years of experience with medical information systems, and he has said that these types of requirements are the reason that most medical software is rigid, proprietary, and expensive...)

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Do you plan to support Upper-lower case recognition in your encrypting scheme.

For the moment, the Log In does not make the difference. My account log-in is originally a mixed upper-lower case, but i can write it all in lower case and it will be accepted.

This is a little bit puzzling


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Login passwords are case sensitive ... I just double-checked this by trying to log into the web UI using the same password with different case, and it rejected me until I got the case correct. (I also double-checked to code to make sure I wasn't crazy.)

When you encrypt text in a note using an "encryption passphrase", that is also case sensitive. We're updating the dialog boxes to make this more clear.

I suspect that you entered the wrong password case into a client, and you just didn't get immediate feedback that it was incorrect. It doesn't actually check your password until you synchronize ... try again, but hit the Sync button, and you should see an error.

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Dear Dengberg,

Sorry, my mistake, wrongly put.

The PASSWORD IS case sensitive while the username is not.

Shouldn't it be both? (in my wild guess, I think the username is part of the encryption scheme, although I might be wrong as even the forum does not bother if my username is a mix of upper and lower case)


(I sent a feedback this morning, I never get an answer from previous ones even to say that I am wrong or right, that it is a bug or already fixd problem next to be released....etc...)

Second question:

Do you have a date yet for the release of the next Beta (Desktop version)...the 2 months time is sooooo long!!!

Best regards


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Username is not case sensitive, because we didn't want someone to make a THOMASstraten even though you already have "ThomasStraten". This would be pretty confusing for everyone involved.

We're also leaving the potential to eventually offer services based on usernames in URLs ... e.g. thomasstraten.pub.evernote.com or something like that. We aren't doing anything in the short term with this, but we're making sure that our username policy doesn't prevent us from offering it in the future.

We're hoping to post updates to both of the desktop clients in the next week.

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FYI - This topic was split off from Phil's announcement sticky (which was locked).

I also converted 3 older sticky topics into normal topics, since their announcements were pretty dated at this point.

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