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(Archived) Automatic Updating of Web Clippings?

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Friend just thought about this possible feature idea. Wouldn't it be useful if your web clippings automatically update? This would be especially useful for people. The Version History feature could also be used to note the differences. However, this might strain the web server, so this could work in two ways: Premium only, *or* specific notes with web clippings could be 'marked' or watched.

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Ah, well, this is probably fraught with all kinds of potential difficulties. First off, I almost never clip full pages. Second, I often edit clipped pages for better formatting. Reconciling these types of scenarios would be very difficult if not impossible. I ty to clip useful information, understanding that it's a snapshot. If suspect that things have changed, I can always use the Source URL to check.

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I frequently clip full web pages precisely so that I will still have the information if the website changes or the information is removed. Auto-updating would be a nightmare for me. As the full web page, at least using the Chrome extension, also includes the URL, it's very easy to revisit the page to check for changes. To me, that's what bookmarks are for,

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I agree with Jefito & megsaint. In addition to the reasons they mentioned, we subscribe to a real life newspaper. The online version is free but to retrieve articles over a week old you need an online subscription. Although I think the hard copy subscription should include an online subscription, it does not. And I elect to not pay for both versions. So if I want to clip an article, I try to do it during the week it's available for free, so I don't have to deal with scanning the newspaper article & trying to clip it in a way that is easy to read. (If the article is very lengthy, it can span several columns - some may be very long & some may be short.) Anyway, I certainly would not want these updated either, since I would lose the article.

Another use case is b/c I occasionally like having the clip as it was at the time I clipped it b/c of the date/timestamp, if the web page has one. IE cnn.com

And...pages that update frequently (IE cnn.com) would bog EN down. IE, when there is breaking news, that page often gets updated several times an hour.

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I think this is the difference between bookmarks (or a feed reader) and Evernote ... we intentionally want to keep exactly what you saw at that time. If you clip from a web site that later takes down the related page, you don't lose anything from Evernote.

You could, however, use Evernote to store bookmarks, either as links in notes, or by clicking on the "source URL" in the note header to go and see the corresponding web page.

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