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(Archived) Text overlaps text & images in clipped pages

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The site you are trying to clip appears to be a Wordpress Blog with the main portion on the left with a lot of other stuff on the right and the photos are anchored inside the paragraphs.

Some website developers try to be too cute by a half and mess up the standard format. Some sites are almost impossible to correct.

You will have to compromise on the result if you are trying to clip the page.

One solution which solves the formatting is to print the page with a PDF writer. Then add the saved PDF to Evernote - either directly or through the Import Folder. This will save the formatting. But it might include the ads and/or all the comments at the end.

What I do is drag across just the information I need. I try to avoid the very top of the page were a lot of the crazy formatting is located.

Then I will right click and select "Add to Evernote"

When the pop-up appears, I select the button at the bottom "Keep only the basic formatting"

The photo is generally not important to me, the text is what I want. So I will also try capturing it with "Read It Later" which will give me just the meat of the subject and get rid of all the ads, and other fluff.

Since the site you want involves photos, I would suggest you go with the PDF option. I just did it as a test and here is a screen capture from Evernote of what a part of the 7 pages looks like. The photos are no longer embedded in the paragraphs and the page breaks are poorly spaced.


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Some website developers try to be too cute by a half and mess up the standard format. Some sites are almost impossible to correct.


Thanks, the pdf printing is an option. However when I do a simple 'Save as' of the web page in Firefox, there is no problem.


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I've had this same problem on a number of different web sites and I don't think they are Wordpress sites. Nor do they necessarily involve images. Often times it seems to involve different size text on a page. One that I seem to have problems with consistently is on Foodnetwork.com where my wife wants to grab a recipe. From the page with the recipe, I'll select the link to print the recipe and get a second web page with just formated text of the recipe. If I clip the text with the Evernote clipper, I'll end up with overlapping text.

As a workaround, I select the text, then Cntrl-C to copy it, go to my GMail account and Cntrl-V to paste the text into a mail message and then send the e-mail to my Evernote account. Text formatting is preserved but without any overlaping text.

I end up doing this with most web pages I want to "clip" the text. The Evernote clipper just does not seem to be reliable in this case.

Trying to look at the glass "half full" at least I have a backup of the clipped pages in GMail. :)

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