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(Archived) Pdf web pages cannot be clipped to EN?

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It didn't work for me either. But you can save the PDf to your local machine and put the whole thing into EN. It didn't work for me from another web site with a PDF on it either.

But I don't have the Firefox clipper add-on installed (because I'm on the beta Firefox 4.0), I'm using the EN bookmarklet tool. I might have got different results using the 'native' Firefox EN add-on.

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Just click the save icon in the upper left corner of the page & save as a PDF & add to Evernote.

I'm just now realizing that I have this same exact problem with trying to get web .pdfs into EN and see here that it doesn't work.

Can you clarify which save icon you're talking about in the upper left corner?

When I save the .pdf (2 pages) to my PC, by right clicking on it (in Chrome), it saves it just fine. Then when I go to the file in Windows Explorer and right click, Send to > Evernote, only the first page is visible on the desktop client, not the second page. I've tried it 3 times with the same result. The weird thing is that when I then sync EN, both pages show on the web.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong here? I'm on EN Thanks.

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