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(Archived) Firefox crashes on start when EverNote plug-in is enabled




I have Evernote 2.0.4 installed on OS X 10.6.latest. When I start Firefox 3.6.13, it bounces in the dock twice and crashes. If I disable all other plug-ins, it still happens. If I disable Evernote, Firefox starts correctly.

I have listed this in the Firefox forums, and three other people have reported that they have the same problem. We have it running on three other macs with the same software config and they work fine.

Does anyone have any idea of why this happens? I reported it to Evernote support some time ago and the answer was more or less "Golly, bummer dude - never heard of that happening before..." which is reasonable but doesn't make my product work...

Any ideas?

Anyone else with the same problem?

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