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(Archived) How to move Evernote data

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I want to keep my evernote data somewhere other than "D:\\My Evernote Files\DataBases3", but I'm not having any luck changing it via the Options->General->Keep Evernote files in: edit box. BTW- I did log out before attempting the change. Among other things, I tried closing Evernote, moving the files, and opening evernote by double-clicking the .exb file in the new location. It seemed to work for the .exb contents, but the log file keeps going in the old location.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the link. I have to admit I'm a little put-off that I have to edit a reg key to do this given there's already an option setting for this.

edit: That moved the db, but not the log file. Half way there.

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