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(Archived) Importing database problems

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Importing Problems encountered.

I imported my EN 2.2.1 database to Beta 3 (515 notes)

All notes are now in Beta 3.



a. This kills my main tag organization as lots of Parents are Informative only and notes are kept in their children. I have to specifically GO to a children and see my notes there.

b. The later is a problem as I cannot (yet) multiple select tags, so I cannot get all the children of an informative parent (as example)

c. The hierarchy looks weird to me as it is now alphabetically sorted

Consequence: I am unable to get my notes as their are not considered as children, so If I tagged some notes as Art, some others as Painting and some as Watercolor, when all refer to watercolor painting, I am unable to get them all in one.

This would lead to a complete rework of my whole database, retagging most of my notes. And this is a lot of work for 515 notes, needless to speak about bigger databases.


a. This is a surprise: ALL my KEYWORDED filter tags are now considered as Saved Search. THIS IS WRONG.

b. Even worse: I have a filter keyword that is the name of an Author (Zubiri). Some notes are soft tagged (by keyword, in italics) because the word is in the notes, as it is an article where Zubiri is mentioned, BUT some notes are strong tagged (manually, in bold) because I wrote a note about the author but his name does not appear in the note.

Consequence: I will have a saved search “Zubiri” with some of my notes (the keyworded tags in italics) which will NEVER show me my strong tagged notes.

And if I click on the Zubiri tag, I will NEVER see the keyworded notes.

PROBLEM IS: I am unable to have ALL my notes about that particular author. That is a real big problem as notes will be lost in a search or in a tag click...

3. SEARCH difficulties.

a. The new And/any search is not working. I am able to search “any: watercolor photo” (not getting all my notes because some notes are tagged as “Photo” or “Watercolor” and thus will not be included if the tagged words are not present inside the note. PLUS the fact that the AIR system gets some notes but mistaken!!! PLUS the fact that I have some notes mentioning “the photo for the embassy should be...” which is logically correct, but wrong as I want only what I considered IMAGES or art. (That was incredibly easy in 2.2.1)

b. If I try a search like: “any: neuroscience tag:neuroscience” meaning Show me all my notes having the word “neuroscience” or tagged with the tag “Neuroscience” I will miss several notes. If I ask for “any: neuro tag:neuroscience” also....(too many or some missing)

c. The problem is worse as I work in three languages (Spanish, French, English) so my tag “Neuroscience” was heavily used to tag all my stuff about it in all three languages. I am lost now!!!

In EN 2.2.1 I had not only the tag “Neuroscience” where I could hard tag any note in these languages, but also the filters “neurosc”, “neuroc” to automatize the tagging.

4. Templates are showing beautifully but will not work. (and even with the new template system promised by the CEO, it is probable that this will remain as is, only the new templates should work.)

5. BIG PROBLEM to be resolved: Only web links are present in the imported database. The Outlook links or links to documents (word, excel etc...) are not to be found (or working) in Beta 3

The rest of my actual observations concern the features promised but not yet implemented in EN 3 Beta, but have nothing to do with the Importing problem, so I will not mention them here.

Conclusion: It is not yet the time to transport a database from EN 2.2.1 to Beta 3

A) Too much work is involved in correcting the tags and the Saved Search problems.

:) Searches which were very simple to do in 2.2.1 are gone or problematic in the imported database.

C) The missing links problem is important.

The only way, or advice in the meantime, is to decide to use EN Beta 3 FROM SCRATCH and use your 2.2.1 database in the 2.2.1 program.

If somebody finds other problems with Importing data into Beta 3, it would be helpful to mention them.

Best regards


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The links from Desktop aplication (Word, Excel) are kept in Beta 3.... however, all Outlook links disapeared.

(NOTE: is not possible to have desktop links when dragging from Word or Excel into EN3 (I guess it will be fixed))

Other consideration:

I erased the whole database, first deleting all notes, tags, saved searches and trash.

The size of the database .exb remains of 17,386 kb and is not altered by adding a note to the emptied database then deleting it again. Nothing changes after syncronization.

That is problematic on my desktop, but the question is: is it emptied on the WEB server??? I don't want my data to be kept in the clouds, while thinking it is empty.

I reimported the same database now with some additional notes from 2.2.1 to EN3 Beta, I have 513 notes, 18,600 kb in the .exb

I have one 686_validation_error.html in a folder "thomasstraten_ImportFailures_2008-05-30-12-04-22" created beneath my Databases3 folder. However, the note is inseide EN3 Beta. I don't know the implication of this...

I will now proceed again with the complete deletion of the database and would like somebody to tell me if my data has been effectively erased on the server!!!

Best regards


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Back again

After COMPLETE deletion, creation of a new notebook with only 1 note in it, no saved searches, no tags and It has been syncronized

On Evernote 3 site it is said that I have

Quota: 199 bytes of 200 MB (0%)

But I am still with 18,600 Kbytes on my hard drive in the Database3 folder.

I found no way to reduce this!!!


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Dnagy gave a good solution to the reducing of the size of the database.

If you zero your EN3 desktop or web, the desktop will still remain big as there is no "vacuum" function implemented yet (to be implemented as Dnagy says). So old data (may be important and sensitive or private data )is only slowly replaced with the new data you put in the EN3.

His best solution is

- delete the .exb file in the dektop folder (normally in \databases3) and then use the Desktop EN3, syncronise and after a while, you will have a recreated .exb really empty.



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