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(Archived) Is Evernote suitable for shared use?

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We are looking to use Evernote to store some of our documentation and knowledgebase, but it would need to be accessed by 3 people at the same time and I’m not sure if Evernote can be used this way.

At the moment we have a network drive with lots of pdf,excel and word documents. We try to label the documents and subfolders in a logical manner but sometimes it takes a while to find the information we’re after. This network drive is accessible all the time to 3 people who can add, delete, edit and search these documents at any time.

I have a personal Evernote account so I know how useful it is to store information, notes or documents and then be able to tag them and assign them to notebooks and then very easily find them later on using the tag or powerful search feature. This is why going forward I think it would be great if we could use Evernote and could then store our information in Evernote as notes or if necessary attach the documents themselves to Evernote. I think it would be so much easier to organise all our knowledge and information and with some saved searches and clever use of tags make our life so much easier when searching. It would also be a lot easier to add information as instead of opening word or excel to store information we could use the web clipper\screengrab ect.

Some of the information is sensitive but we could split the information between online and offline notebooks.

The only problem is I don’t think more than one person can access an Evernote database at the same time can they? We all use and need access to all this information all the time and each of us must be able to edit\add\delete at any time as well otherwise it’s no use. If we use 3 separate Evernote accounts how can we access and maintain a central storage? I’ve never looked at the sharing side of Evernote but is this something we could use? We use a mixture of PC’s and MAC’s and the information would be spread between offline and online notebooks.

Thanks for any info.

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Evernote isn't going to be a full-fledged workflow/groupware system, but we do offer some level of collaboration via "shared notebooks". Currently, a Premium user can share a notebook with another person, who can read and edit notes in that notebook via the web or the Mac client. We're working on similar support in our Windows client.

This is most useful if the recipients are either primarily reading notes, or else creating new notes. Simultaneous editing of the same note will be difficult.

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It's a shame two (or three) people can't use the same EN database, this would have been a dream solution and a way for me to get Evernote in the company.

Metrodon i'm not sure Google apps, or google docs would give us much benefit over our current situation would it? The beauty of Evernote is the way it so easily allows you to find your information via the tags, notebooks and saved searches. It also gives us the option, via offline notebooks, to keep some of the more sensitive information on our server.Finally Evernote makes it so convenient and easy to place stuff in it via it's firefox clipper, screengrab clipper, outlook integration etc.

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Going to sound like a Google evangelist here now but....

Finding things stored in Google Apps is really pretty good as you are using the Google search engine (which I think I'm correct in saying searches inside the document as well as the title). It gives you version control and multiple users can edit the same document without causing corruption.

You are correct though, no clipper etc.

If we have a guesstimate about the Evernote population I think we can assume that your use case would satisfy a relatively tiny percentage and as such I'm not sure that it will get a high rating on the development list.

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But no clipper and no offline support, that only leaves search as a possible (big) benefit. I suppose we could even download the google desktop search toolbar to use with our current structure. I like the fact that multiple users can edit the same document though, that's a big bonus. Thanks metrodon.

I get your point re my wish not being high on the list. It was just a thought that came to me the other day when using my personal EN account and how easy it is to store all this data and be able to retrieve it so efficiently.

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We run EN in our company for sharing laboratory results, reports etc and we must regularly have two Windows clients running and multiple mobile clients and currently we have had virtually no conflicts.

When they do occur EN simply sends the alterations to a new "Conflicts" notebook and then gives you the choice of which version to keep.

So, yes I would suggest it should work for you. Having said that, for a "Wiki" type information distribution we run use the "Sites" in our Google Apps domain.


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