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(Archived) Installed v. 3 and can't find old notes

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I've been using the version of Evernote preceding v. 3, and have many notes. I've just installed v. 3 and my old notes do not appear. Do I need to import my old notes?

Assuming you mean you were using version 2.2 or earlier and not a previous version of the beta, you will have to import your notes. In the Menu bar simply click Note, then Import and either type the path or use the Browse button to point Evenote to your database. Do not use the Import Wizard. That's a different animal.

Unless you uninstalled the original version of Evernote you should still be able to run it (even after you import your notes to version 3).


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Thanks, Visor; your solution worked perfectly. I had tried the Import Wizard, but as you said, it wasn't the right way. For others who may want to know, the location of the old files (on my computer, anyway) was C:\Documents and Settings\wardwp\My Documents\My EverNote Files\DataBases\EverNote.enb

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