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(Archived) File Attachment Problem



I have experienced a nagging file attachment problem with EN OS X (Version 2.0.4 (127827) and EN Win (Version (127835)). I often append a date to a file name for versioning purposes (e.g. "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx"). I have several notes with more than one version of the file attached. There has been at least three occasions (on both platforms) that I open one version of the file from the note to view or edit. After saving the file (file saved to the note - I get the EN growl message "Note XXXX has been updated..."), I see that other files on the note have been overwritten by the save. Meaning, if the note originally had "somespreadsheet 20110219.xlsx" and "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx" and I opened the last version I might come back to the note and both files would be named "somespreadsheet 20110221.xlsx" and when opened would be identical. If not caught, the problem note will replicate through my systems - making it very difficult to recover from the error. To protect myself, I have had to create a separate note for each file version. Needless to say, this is not a very workable or sustainable solution.

I have not noticed this problem on notes that contain multiple files but the files are of different types. I have not noticed this on notes that contain multiple files of the same type but with very different names. Of course, I have almost 1k notes and there may well be problems lurking out there - a very disturbing thought.

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