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(Archived) Starting from Scratch on Mac



I am having some major issues with my Evernote account on my home Mac. I run Evernote on my work Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and those versions are all up-to-date. On my home mac...I do not sync that often. Now I have run into some issues. When I open the app, I get the error "File Evernote.sql cannot be opened." Though my account actually has 2778 notes, the desktop version is now saying I have 9173 notes and it won't display any of them (not in the preview pane). Syncing is taking forever and nothing seems to work.

I would like to just start again from the beginning on the home mac -- basically, wipe out what's currently happening in that application and then just re-download everything from the server. How can I do that? I do have a few notes I added to that home mac evernote client that I would like to keep if possible, so that would be great.

Has anyone tried to start over with Evernote on a computer? Any suggestions for me? Thanks.

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