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(Archived) Evernote and Electronic Doc Storage for Small Bus

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I need a little advice as to whether I am heading down the right road.

We own a recruitment business and I am thinking of using Evernote Premium as a electronic store of documents

* Supplier Invoices

* All those annoying POS slips

* Product Warranties

* Signed Contracts

* etc.

My thinking would be that I would create multiple notebooks and tag them with Year/Month, Supplier etc for easy retrieval

We would still file the docs manually but I could then moe them offsite quicker

Our volumes are not huge but auditors always ask use to produce slip XYZ or Contract ABC.

We only have about 4 staff that would need to access the stuff

We have a mixed OS office with M/S and OSX. Mobile devices are generally Apple but their are BB devices.

I was thinking of also buying one of those Instant Scan Lexmarks to get things into Evernote.

Another reason for my thinking is that we have a web based CRM and perhaps we could integrate Evernote into the workflow.

Advice please - Do you think Evernote is the right tool for such a requirement? Or should I look at a commercial Doc solution



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I don't think Evernote would be the best choice for a company with multiple recruiters sharing confidential documents involving past employment, salaries, contracts as well as financial transactions, supplier invoices and auditors.

Changing a company's fundamental software is a big undertaking. Rather than develop something from the ground up, and since you are already using a web based CRM, I'd say stick with that program.

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Good point about the confidentiality.

I could figure something out by giving each recruiter there own Evernote ID and they have their stuff shred to me.

Financial stuff goes to a more limited audience

We are definitely keeping the specialised CRM that works great

What it doesn't do though is help us with financial documents

But I do need to think some more



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