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(Archived) Win + Prnt Scrn not working anymore

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Hi, I have a problem with the universal clipper under Win XP.

The Win + Prnt Scrn button combination doesn't work anymore.

If I use the right click > Clip Screenshot menu everything works fine.

Also, I have tested the 2 buttons separately and they work fine.

Any idea ?

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One possible cause is that some other software intercepts the Win+PrintScreen combination. Did you install some software recently that might affect the keyboard behavior?

Another possible cause is that you might have changed the keyboard combination for Universal Clipper in registry. Try to Check the \HKCU\Software\Evernote\UniClipper key for keybard-related values. If you delete thes values and run UniClipper, it will create the default values from scratch; that might help.

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"Win+Sys Req" is a correct combination for Win+Print Screen ('Print Screen' button internally is called 'Sys Req').

So, the only option seems to be some third-party software that interferes with UniClipper. Did you install some software recently?

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Well ... I have just reformatted everyhting.

But I really don't know what could be interfering. I'll look around.

Well with nothing running except avast (which I had before), still not working. It actually stills take a normal screenshot.

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Try to change the SnapshotShortcut value in registry to something like Win+S, or Win+F7, or Ctrl+Shift+S, etc., then restart UniClipper to see if some other combination works for you.

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