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(Archived) Should number of tag items reflect notebook?



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Hi is there a way of getting the number of tags to display those relating to the selected notebook, and not the number in all notebooks?


I am not 100% sure of your request, but here are some thoughts that might be helpful.

Tags are universal and cross the notebook border. Having 2 different tag counts show up for each tag could be confusing to many users. One count for all notebooks and one count for the specific notebook. And I imagine it would put a strain on the program, every time you selected a different notebook, Evernote would have to recalculate the results.

Here is how I would handle this request for a specific tag in a notebook in Windows (probably similar in Mac).

Turn on the Search Explanation

  • >View >Show Search Explanation

Run a search for the tag in a specific notebook - for instance:

  • notebook:Politics tag:"Obama Barack"

In the Search Explanation panel is a statement that will say:
  • Viewing 2,094 notes from Politics matching All of the following: tagged with Obama Barack

If you need the count of a specific tag often, I would save the search in a note or put it into the Saved Search panel on the left.

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This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

This topic is now closed to further replies.
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