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How many users can you have synchronizing to the same notebook? Is it something where we could have 15 people in our office synchronizing to one notebook? Could we put the notebook on a network drive and have more than one person have it open at a time?

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A notebook is owned by a single account, and there's (currently) no way for other accounts to synchronize another notebook to their local desktop clients.

There's no particular limit on the number of different computers that you can use to access your account, however. I.e. if you owned 15 computers and wanted to set up a local client on all of those that sync to your (single) account, that would basically work fine, although you'll always want to make sure you don't make conflicting changes to the same note on different computers between syncs ... we don't merge conflicting edits to the same note, but rather leave the conflicting copy on the local computer for you to inspect and resolve manually.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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