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(Archived) edit gives a box that doesnt save the edit


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build 126768 v2.6.1

attempting to edit a plain text note on my android (vibrant galaxy s). when i click edit - then click the word (to place the cursor) i get a floating blue text box... with the sentence line i am on (only).

i use en mostly for lists -- ie - a shopping list -- when i find the item - i edit the note and remove it... that way know i found all the items from all the different stores (check box lists are too tedious to create in en). this was all working fine till this weekend (i think it did an update). i attempted to delete the line (since i bought the item :) ) - and save -- but when i finish saving - the note still has the text i deleted.

i also get this strange round pointer (which really is just unnecessary - better to make a more bolded cursor than an arrow that covers text below). another note i have (which is smaller) works fine except for the new pointer.

please help me figure out how to get this working - this breaks en for me completely.



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I am having the same thing when using the Xoom--except not on every note. On some notes, the desired behavior occurs: I can place the cursor anywhere on the screen and edit. On other notes, this dumb text box pop-up thing as described above. Why the differing behaviors and how can I avoid activating a text box when trying to edit?

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback.

The difference between 2 editing modes is - plain text & rich text.

Bullets, checkboxes, web clips are rich text and cannot be edited as one block. So we have to let user edit it line by line.

We are working to improve the rich text editing to further enhance the ease of editing.

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actually what's most frustrating is that sometimes i intend a note to be text only - but for some reason its been set to rich text -- its very frustrating once i realize it when i try to edit it on the cellphone. would love it if you added a way to convert it (with a warning if there are pictures to remove). :lol:



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Presently, we dont have any option to convert notes from rich text to plain text.

A good way of keeping notes "plain" is to not add any styles to it...:(

Earlier, in android beta 1 , we were converting some text notes to rich text but from beta 2 onwards we are not converting text notes to "rich" until there are some styles added to it.

Our aim is to let user edit any note on Android which user has created on an Android mobile.

So we are offering only limited styles on Android which user can edit normally on Android.

For all other complicated styles and formats we are providing inline edit in Android.



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the thing is that when you paste text invariably you end up w/ rich text... unless you go to the trouble of pasting non-formatted... which is a pita. a quick icon for pasting plain text would be good at least until you give the option to switch a note to plain text.... sometimes i do all my copying and pasting till the note is done.. then select all and re-paste into a new note w/o formatting (which is way faster than selectively pasting each time via the edit menu) then delete the old temp note.

i also miss the double tap to edit a note on android (like apple ios)... and the favourites being free on apple ios and costing money on android is very unfair.

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