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(Archived) No OS X Tiger / 10.4 support? PLEASE!

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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know why they can't have support for Tiger? This is a real heartbreak for me.. I am not able to upgrade to Leopard, and I want to use the Mac client very badly. Does anyone know of any tricks to get the Leopard package adjusted so that it can run on Tiger?

Thank you,


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We are using a set of programming tools and libraries from Apple that they recommend for new applications like ours. These allowed us to build things like the "thumbnail" note view in weeks instead of months. Unfortunately, Apple has not back-ported these new programming interfaces to Tiger, so our application only runs on Leopard.

While we would like to support Tiger, it would take months of development effort to reproduce our current functionality on that platform. Since Leopard has been out for 7 months already, we're not currently planning to do this work to back-port to older versions of OS X.

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Thank you for the response -- that makes sense.. I was hoping if it was just for a lack of an official feature request that perhaps you could implement it easily :) I will just have to dream of the day when I'll have a mac that can run Leopard! Also, at least the win32 client is beautiful too -- it is very rare that I've ever seen such an attractive windows application :)

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I don't understand the lack of support for 10.4 (Tiger),

Mozilla supports Tiger with Firefox other Mozilla products. This is insane :?

This, along with your use of that awful .NET 3.5 in the Windows version means that you have lost a user just when I got started.


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