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(Archived) Clip a webpage in Firefox like Safari?

Viv Ilo Veith


I prefer Firefox over Safari for various reasons however the EV web clipping seems to work entirely differently between the two. Am I correct? Or is something amiss with my Evernote Clipper in Firefox. I have looked for info on this and made sure my Evernote Addon is the latest for Firefox.

When I use the EV clipper in Safari I get the whole webpage - and it looks like the webpage. When I do the same thing in Firefox the result is very different. I do not have the techie words for it but essentially the code (probably CSS) gets stripped out so all the information gets put into one vertical list. The structure of the webpage is lost.

Is that the way it is? If so, are there any plans to overcome that? I assume it is something in the code of Firefox and EV that is making them not play well together? Is there any workaround?


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