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(Archived) Shared notebooks stuck on "Loading"



Wanted to start by saying I love the service and have been very happy with it.

But I've been setting up shared notebooks tonight and am having trouble getting them to load. The surrounding architecture (Evernote header and footer) loads fine, but the notes themselves don't load-- the "Loading" text pops up, and then everything ceases.

The problem appears to be browser-specific--these notebooks will load in Safari, but not in Chrome. Which is a shame, because Chrome is my preferred browser, and Evernote typically seems to play well with Chrome. I haven't yet tried to load it in Chrome on a different computer-- I wonder if it's maybe an issue with something in my browser cache rather than a software-specific issue?

I have two shared notebooks at the moment, and both suffer the same failure. If you want to try to replicate the issue, here's the URL of one of em:



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