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(Archived) Clip Fails after browser window loses focus (Chrome 9.0.597)


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If I navigate away from the browser window that I am clipping the clip fails. (I looked for this before posting. I'm certain that it must have been covered using terms that did not occur to me.)

The clip fails if I switch spaces to do some other work while it is clipping (Mac OS X 10.6.6). It also fails if I move to another tab or change the focus to another application. Is there a configuration change that I can apply?


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I believe that that's a known behavior, related to how how Chrome manages its extensions. I couldn't find a backing post for this by Evernote staff in a quick search, though I believe that there's at least one.


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i am happy that someone else noticed this annoying extension behavior in Chrome as I was worried I may be doing something wrong.

i take it that there is no way currently around this? if so then my suggested workaround is to use the *bookmarklet* (in use for a long time before extensions i believe) rather than the extension as i've noticed it is not affected by the *focus* problem that is such a nuisance.

i initially thought that the tab had to at least be in focus and not be switched but it turns out that the whole chrome application needs to be in focus so its pretty close to useless for me.

the *extension* does maintain its usefulness for searches and Google search integration though.

note to Evernote devs: please provide a best-practice guide for using this functionality to create new notes.

i would also like to add that the focus problem is compounded quite a bit by the fact that it is *very slow* and requires some waiting so its hard to avoid shifting focus to another tab or window while you wait for it to do its thing. :)

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I use this all the time. If I want to clip something, I just do it, until it's safely filed away. Focusing on one thing at a time is best practice for many tasks, including this one.

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