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(Archived) Evernote 3 or Google Notebook

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Having tried both these products at a superficial level, I cannot see the advantage of Evernote 3 over Google Notebooks. Considering that Google has been around for awhile and not likely to be bought out anytime soon, can someone tell me what the advantage is of choosing Evernote 3?



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There are lots of differences, but a few come to mind:

Desktop clients that let you access all of your notes quickly, even when you can't talk to the servers.

Drag-and-drop files onto your desktop app, etc. E.g. http://blog.evernote.com/2008/04/10/usi ... e-for-mac/

Searching for text in images.

Images, PDFs, audio, encryption, etc. embedded in your notes, not just links to origin servers (which may become unavailable).

Advanced searching (e.g. "show all notes from the Travel notebook tagged with Japan, created this year")

We're doing something a little different than Google: we're trying to make a universal memory extension where all of your memory is available anywhere you need it. This is intended to be useful for you 5 or 10 years from now when you have 10,000 notes. This isn't just a "Web 2.0" focus. On the other hand, if Google Notebooks is meeting your needs, that's great too.

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Maybe Evernote should give Dave Engberg a good bonus for putting up with us all during the beta! :)

"putting up with" you? Hardly ... you're like an army of QA people that we don't have to feed. We *love* our users. :-)

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I'd say they are in many things quite similar, but Evernote has a lot more functionality. I just today moved (I think) the last of my Google Notebook-notes over into Evernote.

I use the Notebook approach for running my GtD-setup, and find that Evernote works beautifully - even if somewhat different than Google Notebook. For instance, one thing I liked with Google were the "Sections" within a Notebook. I have not found a similar setup in Evernote.

What I do love is the possibility to email notes into Evernote. I can use my camera phone to snap a quick picture of a whiteboard session and send this directly to my Evernote account. With a little luck, the text on there can even be interpreted and searched for. I also use this for snapping photos of business cards or signs - the OCR works beautifully on these images.

I like the clipper better too, since it can do partial screenshots.

The Google Notebook is also a very nice solution for what it does, I just think Evernote does a whole lot more, and with more finesse.

my two cents...



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