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(Archived) Feature Request: Internal URLs

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I searched online and didn't find an answer. So I assume this feature doesn't already exist -- but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

I'd really like a way to include a URL in a note that is a reference to another note. For example, maybe I'm working on a project and I have some notes on related information. It would be nice to add a link to each of those other notes. Then, if I click on that link, it takes me to the note.

If I were only working in the web UI, I guess, in theory, I could just use the HTTP URL to the other notes. But since this is cross-platform, I think Evernote would need their own "scheme". Like "note:". I wouldn't mind if it was completely opaque (i.e. "note:afed-12fe-dve4"). As long as it always pointed to the same note. The Evernote UI could then render that URL in a way that clicking on it takes me to that note. I guess if it was opaque, the UI would need a way to give you that URL. That could be stored in the note header.

In this way, Evernote could also be used as a (sorta) personal wiki.

Anyone else like this feature? Or is there a way to accomplish the same thing?



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Yup, me too. The various hacks others have posted are interesting, but they don't really help me because I can find the items I want by searching for key words easily enough as it is and it isn't the whole note I want - it's a specific part. Also, I drive a mac.

I want to be able to get from one note to a bookmarked part of a different one in one click. The book mark is important, because I don't just want to arrive at the top of the note, I want to arrive at a specific paragraph.

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