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(Archived) Receipts accepted by retailers

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So I recently started using EN . Love it.

I really like the ease of taking a pic of a reciept . My only concern is what if I need a reciept to return an item?

Will a retailer accept a print out from my EN. I am afraid if I do not have the original copy of a reciept I will not be able to make my return

What is everyones elses experience with this???

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Two weeks ago, I returned a rather expensive Keurig coffee maker to Kohl's. It was almost a year old. I printed out the receipt from Evernote and brought the copy to their customer service desk. Even though both the clerk and I could easily read the receipt, the bar code reader had some problems. The supervisor was called over and she approved it. I left with a brand new machine in less than 5 minutes.

Even the IRS accepts scanned copies. The IRS has been accepting digital (scanned) receipts since at least 1997. In order to be usable for your taxes, your receipts must be legible, must link back to other purchasing references, like credit card spending.

And entire companies have sprung up to take advantage of scanning and storing receipts. Neat Company is an example: http://www.neatco.com/

The only exception I have run into is the special printable discount offers on the web, but they generally specify the terms.

If I ever run into a company that refuses a scanned copy of my receipt, I'll run it up the corporate ladder until I get satisfaction.

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