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(Archived) Weird problem after applying Mac 10.5.3 update...

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Under "NOTEBOOKS", I have the following 3 notebooks listed in this order:


All Notes

All Notebooks

When I click on "All Notebooks", it shows that I am viewing notes from "Incoming". Nothing happens when I click on the "Incoming" notebook, "All Notebooks" stays highlighted.

If I next click on "All Notes", I am indeed viewing the notes from "All Notes" and it is correctly highlighted as the active notebook.

If I then click on "All Notebooks", it highlights the "Incoming" notebook but shows that I am viewing the "All Notebooks" notebook.

If I click on "All Notes" and subsequently click on "Incoming", it again highlights "All Notebooks" but shows that I am viewing "Incoming".

Man, I hope some of that makes sense...

The only other thing I can think of that was "out of the ordinary", was that I had inadvertently create a note in "All Notebooks" and then dragged it to a tag instead of a different notebook.

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I am having a similar problem after updating to 10.5.3. I have 6 different notebooks and when I click on one, it shows that I'm viewing the contents of a different notebook and doesn't highlight the notebook that I clicked on.

Hopefully a quick fix is forthcoming.

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I have just noticed the same problem after updating to 10.5.3 last night. I cannot be sure that this wasn't there before though.

I don't seem to see the problem on the notebooks on the website though.


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Thanks for the reports. We found out (the hard way) that the 10.5.3 update from Apple broke the behavior of their UI "tree" control that we use in the navigation panel on the left side.

We'll put out an update that will fix this problem soon.


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