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Hi folks, I have one suggestion here: after finding out that I can not have more than one nested notebook, and after a lot of internal resistance, I moved to a tagged environment. I created my nice tag structure and it is working nicely, but I find one big flaw: the counts of the tags. The counts of the notes under a tag should also sum up the notes under the child tags. For example if I have this structure:



and I have 5 notes on each tag, I have right now this:

+tagA (5)

+tagB (5)

and I should have this:

+tagA (10)

+tagB (5).

Thank you guys!

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Do you mean this type of structure - with a parent and a child tag

  • +tagA (5)
    • +tagB (5)
      +tagC (5)

and you want this type of count summary:

  • +tagA (15)
    • +tagB (5)
      +tagC (5)

How does the count summary for the parent tag help? It seems more confusing to me.

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I know, it can be confusing. But yes, I would like to have something just like that. It would even be really useful to have both counts.

Let me give you my contest. I have this organization in which I will have a "pendingTasks" tag and underneath I will have one tag for

each of my projects.




any time I have a new task I will add assign the project tag to it. So let's say I have 2 task in coolProject and 5 task in notSoCoolProject.

As is right now I will have this:

+pendingTask (0)

.....+coolProject (2)

.....+notSoCoolProject (5)

As by default all tags are collapsed, I won't notice any open task. So I would LOVE to have something like this:

+pendingTask (7)

.....+coolProject (2)

.....+notSoCoolProject (5)

...now that I think about it it would be awesome that each time you assign a tag that has a parent, there should be an option to automatically assign the parent(s) tag to the note.



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