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(Archived) EN3 Printing - Suggestion

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One of the things I liked about EN2 printing was the Title, (Creation) Date, Tags, etc. being included in the "header" of the printed note, it's also the one thing I truly miss in EN3.

I understand some like this and some may not, but is it possible to add to the "Page Setup" check-boxes to switch on or off, at the user's discretion, these pieces of information? It could be a global setting or a per print setting? I have no idea which is more feasible, or preferred. (If there is a more suitable method or control feature to suggest, please be my guest.)

I often print a specific note to share with a colleague the information I have gathered on an item / sales lead / customer / etc. and I found the header information that printed in EN2 to be quite beneficial to the person I gave the "hard copy" note to. I'd rather not have to add additional details only for printing purposes in the body of the note as IMHO they are already available in the Note "banner" of EN3, just not print accessible(?).

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I am finding Evernote useful in keeping track of phone conversations, meetings, and general notes for projects at work (I'm a Civil Engineer). However, I need to print a hard copy of each note and file it in the appropriate project file. It would be very helpful to have a custom header and/or footer print out with each note. Each notebook should have its own custom header/footer with the ability to print tags, creation date, title, as well as any other text one might want to print with each note. I hope to see this feature added in the near future.

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