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It's only available via the client at the current time. We used to have a page on our website, but it became woefully out of date at the best times, and at worst, confusing, as people would see old features that no longer exist and wonder where they were, or cached versions of the page via Google, then wrote into support saying "But it says you have this feature and I can't find it" on release notes from 2008, or on an entirely different client.

Features are sunset as product lines go away, and different clients have different feature sets.

So, to clear up the confusion, you can access the release notes from your specific release for your client.

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The release notes tend to be very spartan. When we get the pop-up notice for an upgrade, why not be a bit more generous with the information? Include some examples of each improvement (when possible). Get some support from your marketing people. Jazz it up. Most people don't read the current pop-up, and just start the download. You don't have to worry about it staying around and messing with newer versions. After all, it is only tied to the pop-up upgrade notice and the Help for the specific version.

In other words, toot your horn a bit more.

I follow a very structured procedure when the upgrade pop-up message appears, just in case there are problems.

1.) Screen capture the pop-up which contains the release notes info to Evernote

2.) Back up Evernote (this is the most important step of the entire process)

  • >Tools >Options >Open Database folder

3.) Install new version of Evernote

4.) Rename the screen capture Evernote note title to:

  • Evernote version information - (126470) Prerelease

5.) Add additional information plus search code (see screen capture below)
  • a.) note the date and time stamp is added when I install
    b.) the unique search code helps me locate all Evernote updates


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Well, we do post new features, with screenshots, in the blog.


Good point. (it does seem a bit sluggish this morning - 7+ seconds until the search window appears)

I went there, but could not find the information for Evernote version (122872) Public.

There is more than one way to get answers that explain the terminology of the Release Notes. When I need to get a better understanding of what "Improved copy/paste from Office applications" means or "Improved issues with font size issues", I'll ask in this forum.

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