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(Archived) Keyboard shortcut to Safari clipper



I would like to propose as a feature request the addition of a keyboard shortcut to the Safari clipper context menu options "Add webpage to Evernote" and "Add webpage to Evernote as PDF". Seems unbelievable that no one as ever asked for this.

If the context menu options are simply added to Safari's main menus, it might be possible to define shortcuts using Mac OS X Keyboard preference panel.

Besides being useful on a daily use of the clipper, for users of other browsers that do not have the "Add page to Evernote as PDF" option, like Firefox or Chrome, this would help in creating a workflow, applescript or hack to overcome this (and there are many requests for this!)

Right now, creating an applescript to transfer a URL from Firefox, open Safari and clip the page as PDF is slow because it has to be done with GUI scripting.

Please consider this, because clipping from the web is impossible using the Firefox extension in 4.0 beta and the Print/Save PDF to Evernote is slow and gives awful notes.

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