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Notebooks moving out of stack



I am using stacks and I have notebooks that will move out of the stack by themselves. It appears to occur on a sync. Does not happen every time. Yesterday I had 5 notebooks that moved out of their stacks. I moved them back. This morning, I had another notebook that had moved out of the stack.

I use the iPhone app and I also use Egretlist. Not sure if either has something to do with it.

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I realize Egretlist is now defunct, but I still find it useful, and encounter this very problem today: updating lists via the app on my iPad, and the corresponding notebook moves out of the stack on Evernote. Obviously, this is a rather old thread, but has anyone discovered any workarounds? Thanks!

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I will take the lack of response as a no, then! Perhaps I am the last person still trying to use it. Gneo is useful, but I haven't found a replacement for such effective consolidation of to-dos. Of course, we can search Evernote for them now, but that can be pretty messy.

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